Chicken Coop Accessories Ideas

After you’ve figured out the basics for constructing your actual chicken coop, then comes thinking about the accessories you can add to the coop to increase the chances of a high amount of fresh eggs every morning and enhance your chicken’s comfort level.

There are a number of different accessories you can add to your chicken coop, and the decision of which you will add will be a personal preference. It’s important to get the basics covered however since they will be vital for your coop’s health.

Here are some of the main ones to consider.


Choosing a good chicken feeder to include in your chicken coop will give them easy access to food to ensure they’re eating properly. This will be important for their overall growth and egg development, so make sure you’re building a good quality feeder.

Also look at the specific height you place the feeder in the house as this too can influence how comfortably their able to get at their food.

Nesting Boxes

You can get chicken nesting boxes in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can build them out of many common materials you have around the house such as a large plastic pale or an old wooden box.

You should use one nesting box for 2-4 hens that you have and they should be relatively dark inside.

It’s also smart to build the top of the nesting box on a bit of an angle to discourage them from sleeping on top of the box.


Having a good chicken waterier inside the coop will help ensure your chickens have a good supply of fresh water on a regular basis. With this again you can use many items you have right around the house to help cut down on the cost and make it more convenient for you.

If you are building a larger sized chicken coop it will be a good idea to include two wateriers if you can to give your chickens a bit more access to fresh water when they need it.


Finally, the last thing you should think about is adding a good chicken perch to your coop. This will help ensure your chickens are getting a comfortable night’s sleep so they are better able to lay their eggs.

Like the waterier, be sure you’re providing enough perches for the chickens so they don’t have to fight for room. Also make sure your perches are wide enough to comfortably fit the chickens since as they grow they will likely need a bit more room to sleep comfortably.

So, keep these accessories in mind. You always want to make sure you’re building your chicken house with enough room to add these accessories while still allowing for plenty of space to move around.

Having an overcrowded chicken coop will severely limit the total eggs you produce so this isn’t something to take lightly.

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