Have A Chicken Coop Up In 24 Hours

Have A Chicken Coop Up In 24 Hours

Are you looking to build a chicken coop and would like to have one up no later than today? Whatever reason you’d like to build a chicken coop, either to raise food for you and your family or to create a profit from selling the meat or eggs, there are a few things to consider, such as the coop itself and the run to house the fowl.

You can build a chicken coop fro scratch or buy a chicken coop locally or even online. If you only plan to have a few hens and a rooster, you won’t really need to build a complicated coop. Before you decide on building a chicken coop by hand or ordering a pre-built coop online, first decide how many chickens you plan to house and for what purpose. Consider the dimensions of the housing structure including the size of the run as you start to imagine the finished coop.

Once you have a good idea of the size of the coop needed, according to the number of hens and rooster(s), you’ll need to decide exactly where you’ll be housing the chickens on your property. You’ll want to place the coop in an area of sunlight but also near a shady area so chickens can find relief from hot days. Hens prefer a lot of sunlight in order to increase egg production.

You’ll also want to place chicken wire around the coop area to keep your chickens penned in. Adding a gate would be good to allow you to go in and feed the chickens or clean out the area if needed. So, whether you decide to build a DIY chicken coop or buy one online, a bit of pre-planning goes a long way to creating your perfect chicken coop within a day.

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