Getting Ready for Baby Chicks

Before your baby chicks even arrive home, you have to adequately prepare them for their life outside. Since you only have approximately 4 to 5 weeks to get ready, here is a list of things and supplies you need to buy as soon as you get them in preparation for their move to their chicken coop.

Items You Need to Purchase

Waterer and Feeder
The best type of waterer you can get are those that automatically refill so you do not have to worry about your chicks everyday when they have already moved to their chicken coop. Make sure that the design is suitable in such a way that they can not poo in the drinking trough and that they can not overturn it. The same holds true for the feeder, make sure they can not overturn it as well.

Chicken feed is the easiest to buy since they are regularly available at pet stores and farm supplies and are of the complete mix of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fat baby chicks need. You have a choice of organic and conventional types and when you chickens start laying eggs there is also a layer feed available for them.

Scratch, a mixture of corn, wheat, oats and rye, is considered a treat for chickens. You usually just throw scratch on the ground for them to peck at. However scratch should not be regular part of their diet as it does not contain all of the nutrients they need.

As we have said before, since chickens do not have teeth they need something else like sand or gravel which they store in their crop to help them digest their food. You can mix grit with their feed or put it in a special container for easy access.

Bedding keeps you chickens happy and healthy. It provides a soft surface for chickens to walk on as well as absorb droppings and odor. The nest should also have bedding so that the eggs will not break when they land on the nest floor. The best recommended bedding is pine wood shavings and should be at least 1-inch thick.

Dust Baths
If you plan to let out your chicken from their chicken coop then you don’t need to prepare a dust bath for them. If they would remain in the coop all throughout then you need a box about 10 to 12 inches high filled with 6” thick of equal parts ashes, road dust, sand and loose earth. Chickens love to take dust baths because this is their way of preventing parasites like mites and lice from finding a home in their feathers and legs.

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