backyard chicken coop water heater

A 60 watt incandescent lightbulb under a flower pot keeps my coop warm and the water liquified…so far!

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  1. I’d let them out into a much larger area fenced in with portable fencing and also with a chicken tractor around the yard. The smaller run was big enough, though, but they liked getting out into the larger area.

  2. That is a great idea to keep the water from freezing, Thanks so much will be using that idea this winter..

  3. Thanks for the comment…this setup actually does keep the water wet when the temperature is well down below zero (Fahrenheit.)

  4. wanted you to know your idea is still helping fellow chicken-keepers…three years later. thanks!

  5. Sorry, added a video response without the comment. I set up a larger watering system with a 30 gallon tank that I am going to try to keep defrosted this coming winter. I will follow up with another video at that time to show if/how it worked.

  6. This is great! I’ve been looking for a solution to this little problem. I may use a slightly higher wattage bulb for Anchorage. Does it keep the entire inside above freezing, though? Thanks for the video.

  7. No, it won’t keep the whole coop warm but this setup will keep the water from freezing—even with the outside temperature down to 10 or 15 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (I live in Wisconsin.) The birdies huddle around the flowerpot at night to keep themselves warm. Be careful of bulbs burning out, though. It happens and if you’re not careful you might miss it—even for a couple of days as I did—once!

  8. I made this years ago only with a pine box minus the top and bottom. Screw a sheet of metal (Aluminum or steel) to the top. Mount a porcelin socket to the inside, leave the bottom open for easy bulb change. It needed a thermostat though, so I ended up buying the commercial heater (resembles an oil change pan) and it was so much more economical due to the thermostat.

  9. Sounds like a good heater–simple and cheap, which is how I like ’em. The timer was my answer to a thermostat, I guess.

  10. Couldn’t you use one of the fish tank heaters? ‘
    just put a hole and maybe line it a little with tin and set the round heater in the water.
    I know the water container is plastic but I bet you could figure a way to keep it safe.
    Thanks for this idea I will use it for my outside cats here is western Washington.

  11. Sounds reasonable to me, but are those things powerful enough?

  12. I like this,i might try it-thanks very much for the idea

  13. Very ingenious! Thanks for posting this – I’m looking forward to trying it out…
    Um… I suspect your Ovaraptor rules the roost because I’m pretty sure she’s a Rooster… If a bird with a comb that impressive is laying eggs… you may be on to something even better than your great winter waterer!

  14. @LBGoodyear Still, for a guy he laid some pretty nice eggs! I guess my little ovaraptor was the Lady Gaga of chickens……

  15. Haha I’ve posted on other videos that you are truely a Tyvek Craftsman and I thought that you had come up with everything already to use Tyvek for and I see
    You made a roof out of be stuff! You are pure ingenious let me tell you!

  16. @CDoggsRandoms Your a indeed a person of rare insight.

  17. How much electricity does keeping that one lightbulb running all winter long cost you?

  18. @zokizoran 60 watts x 24 hours = 1440 watt hours = 1.44 kilowatt hours. Electricity here costs about 10 cents per kwh, so it costs about 14 cents per day. After I made this video I dropped down to a 40 watt bulb, which still kept the water wet, which would be around 10 cents per day.

  19. MrGuy247 here. I just attched my video of my water heater. Thanks for the idea. It works perfectly. Everyone’s impressed.

  20. TheTruthoverlies February 3, 2011 at 12:54 am

    wish I had watched this earlier today. I’m in central texas and it is 18F. Damn global warming….! This is a damn good idea, I am going to throw one together. My water fount is freezing. Thanks!

  21. Actually, keeping the water warm is more important than keeping the girls warm…they do remarkably well with their feather coats and snuggling into each other, but if the water freezes, well…the chickens are plumb out of luck.

  22. You is one smart dude! Cool idea!

  23. thanks, good info.. you chickens like you.

  24. thanks, good info.. your chickens like you.

  25. @superbeauthy You’re welcome…they were sweeties (for chickens, that is!)

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