Chicken Shed – Save Time & Money Before you venture into constructing a chicken coop, it is very necessary that you plan the kind of a coop that you require. It is always better to sketch out your plan and also the coloris that you would like to use for the walls and the roof. It could be a challenging task for you if you have not build a chicken coop before, or have no idea about the design of such housing for your chickens. There are a few basic things that you should always bear in mind while you are designing the coop. The most important amongst them is that your chicken coop should be aesthetically designed so as not to distract the neighbors.

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One Response to “Chicken Shed – Save Time & Money”

  1. jeremyshockey88 January 31, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    i just bui;t mine out of two old sheds
    two sheds equals two chicken coops

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