Easy Chicken Coop Designs | How to Build a Chicken Coop or Hen House

www.theeasychickencoop.com Easy Chicken Coop Designs on How to Build a Chicken Coop or hen house.

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20 Responses to “Easy Chicken Coop Designs | How to Build a Chicken Coop or Hen House”

  1. Wow! Informative! =)

  2. Yes! I wanted to do it myself… thanks for the guide.

  3. These are really nice shelters for hens… good work!

  4. Handy kit! I am actually planning to build a chicken coop

  5. The hen house that I have made 3 years ago needs some repair. I wanted to replace it. I will check your website.

  6. Nice video dude… I always think that building a chicken coop is a easy thing to do but I realize it is hard.

  7. I wanted to learn how to build one! Somebody teach me… is it easy?

  8. cool backyard coop. i always wanted to have chickens in the backyard.

  9. You have a good site. thanks for the tips

  10. Geez I did not know that building one can be that easy…

  11. Thanks man… cool website

  12. When building a chicken coop, good chicken coop design is important.

  13. Hi. saw the product you recommend… will check it out soon.

  14. Hey, just subscribed to your news letter. Thanks!

  15. Good video. Helpful and informative

  16. I wanted to know about choosing right plans for chicken coop building

  17. @robertrupert66 visit their site… it is worth it… great tips

  18. Over all, awesome presentation… cheers!

  19. hella funny how all the comments were at the same time. .. (make sure you put some numbers in your name it looks legit) poontans!!!

  20. henhousedesigns April 2, 2011 at 2:16 am

    @UNIQUE925 i don’t see it funny. I emailed a group of my contacts to comment on the vid.

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