My Chicken Coop

Here is a short video of the setup I have for my chickens. Sorry, they were a little loud during taping.

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  1. @chazfensk thanks man

  2. I need to ask someone with chickens about this. I want to build a coop on my property but my boyfriend doesn’t want one on it cuz he thinks chickens are messy and smelly. Do you have issues with odor and messes in your coop? They look very easy to care for to me. Enjoyed the video by the way! Great idea to use those rubber tubs under their perches to catch the poo.

  3. @paperpusher75 Putting pine shavings on the floor of the coop helps a lot. And it depends on how many chickens you have. If you are only going to have a few for eggs you will never notice the smell. If you have a lot of chickens you may need to clean the coop more often. If you live in the country you can let them run free and they will leave most of their mess in the woods. I have had up to 30 at a time and there really isn’t much odor from them if you keep the coop clean. Hope that helps!

  4. nice vid

  5. ur welcome

  6. how many boxes do u have per chicken?

  7. @chazfensk I have 40 chickens, 37 hens and 3 roosters!!!!! ITS SO FREAKING LOUD OUTSIDE! haha! They don’t stink much unless you don’t clean the coop. Also poultry protection is TOP PRIORITY!!!! I will maybe post a video on my chicken coop after the chicks are grown up and in the coop and the coop is all clean. Also some beginners might not know…. Let the chickens out in the day, and they go back into their house at night if they have enough perches. 🙂

  8. hello i only want one or two chickens and i was wondering if i let them out of their coop for a couple of hours would my yard be crapped on all over the place???

  9. marshallmatherskid Reply April 20, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    nice vid!!! and i like what the chicken had to add….

  10. deerhuntingboy101 Reply April 24, 2011 at 1:41 am

    what do u put on the floor

  11. @deerhuntingboy101 Pine shavings

  12. Make the chicken be quiet lol and btw i’m getting a chicken coop and 3 or 4 chickens

  13. @chazfensk
    i assume you do let them out frequently on a field or something yes?

  14. @NormbrettaMod Yes, there is lots of brush and woods on our land so they run around eating insects and vegetation all day!

  15. @chazfensk
    i thought as much, they look too healthy for them not to!

  16. i really like your bucket nest idea, thanks for sharing.

  17. how do you get your chickens to come back. i have 7 rhode island red hens and i’m afraid to set them free on my land. I’m afraid they will run away!

  18. how do you get your chickens to come back. i have 7 rhode island red hens and i’m afraid to set them free on my land. I’m afraid they will run away! Also, how do you get your roosters not to attack you?

  19. @AiritonColton11 Well some roosters are mean and others aren’t. Chickens just naturally come back to their home to roost. Open the door and let them run and they are back in before dark.

  20. @chazfensk Thanks man

  21. Could u o another video of this I love them

  22. what a cute chikens…

  23. when i move im going to try and convince my parents to let me get 3 silkie bantam chickens……….

  24. It’s over due for a B…B…Q…

  25. @chazfensk haha:P

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