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Portable chicken coops are practical for the small scale poultry/chicken enthusiast. Learn all about incubating, brooding, rearing, feeding, housing and caring for chickens by viewing the DVD titled Regarding Chickens, available online through the nation’s top hatcheries.

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  1. There are air openings at the top of the roosting box facing the interior of the penned area. Depending on the climate in which they are kept, more ventilation holes can be put in. Always remember to use hardware cloth to prevent the entry of rodents and other undesirables… thanks for your comment!!

  2. if the chickens poop in the nesting area, can i use a hose to spray it towards the bottom level of the coop or would i have to add some water resistant things ?

  3. Hi, I would not use a hose to spray things out… with plenty of litter (pine shavings here) the chicken droppings dry out quickly and you may use the droppings/shavings mixture as a mulch on your garden. Keeping things dry is key to reducing ammonia and bad bacteria from developing. If you can’t keep up, there are too many birds in the coop.


    thanks i’ll keep this in mind

  5. morningbirdfeeder May 12, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    very nice chicken tractor


  7. how much did this cost?

  8. @Prekbeek345 $ 152.75 U.S.

  9. A fox would take about 5 minutes to dig into the ground around the open floor and kill the entire flock.

  10. @tomsmith100 Than in your area you would need more secure accommodations, the red and gray fox in our area have not accomplished that “yet”… but we also have guineas and a large dog. Each person must consider the threats in their geographical area.

  11. @jellofast We installed hinges on the floor area so that when the chickens are out of the nesting area, we could just open it up….everything would drop to the ground. We then use a wire brush (long handled BBQ) if anything (poop) is sticking to the floor area we just use the brush. I then rake up the dropping and throw in to one of the composting areas.

  12. @tomsmith100 Unless you have American Bulldogs, they love little fox snacks.

  13. For a second, I thought your predator light was a card-key access module, haha.

  14. @gekizai With all the technology available today, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone didn’t do just that. I know people who spend thousands on their coops, complete with solar panels, automatic door openers and running water inside. The sky is the limit anymore as Martha Stewart made garden hen houses posh. My next design is a light house… I know I know… eccentric but cool right?!

  15. “Hello #UN#, good stuff here! Happy New Year! April

  16. @adecheine Happy 2011 to you also and I’m glad you got something out of the video (“>

  17. i want chickens brother…. i gotta be older.. need my own damn house somewhere where there aint that many neighbors i don’t want these cowards to call the cops on me.. hell ill even give them free chicken eggs….if they can keep there mouth shut LOL

  18. Excellent!! it’s my favorite Coop to date although I would go just a tiny bit bigger. Do you have plans? Great video!!!

  19. @spiritartman Yes, plans are available through the main Fred’s Fine Fowl website for a pittance… you can alter the dimensions to suit your individual purpose/need… this is built so it can roll easily into a shed or garage for winter in Pennsylvania. Thanks for your comment!

  20. Very nice coop.

  21. @mopbrothers Thank you!

  22. You can find Fred’s Fine Fowl on Facebook! Join us won’t you?

  23. THANK YOU SO MUCH for such an informative video. I am SO NEW to this and your video answered A LOT of my questions (chicken coop vs chicken tractor, nesting boxes, protection, etc.)

    Appreciate your help!!

  24. @winpwong YOU are so welcome… I am happy you found it helpful! I wish you the best with your chickens (“>

  25. TheoryIsSpeculation July 10, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    After watching “Food Inc” here on YT (v=gVFKEWL6DVU) I immediately got my own chickens & they free range. In the process of building a Chic-Tractor. Your video is excellent, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Ratio of 1 in 3 Americans getting cancer is not acceptable. Projection is 1:1 will get cancer by 2020. Thank you so much FDA for doing such a good job at following the NWO’s agenda to reduce population. Wake-up America!

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