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Maintaining Your Chicken Coop

Since you’ve put in a good effort getting your coop up and running, it would be a shame to let it start to disintegrate over time due to lack of care. Fortunately, maintaining and repairing a chicken coop isn’t all that difficult provided you stay on top of things regularly. Here are some of the […] Read more

Chicken Coop Accessories Ideas

After you’ve figured out the basics for constructing your actual chicken coop, then comes thinking about the accessories you can add to the coop to increase the chances of a high amount of fresh eggs every morning and enhance your chicken’s comfort level. There are a number of different accessories you can add to your […] Read more

Positioning Your Chicken Coop

This topic is where you should be placing your chicken coop. Selecting the perfect spot on your yard to place your chicken coop will be important so that you’re happy with it for years to come. Consider it from a variety of angles because many things are going to be impacted by where the coop […] Read more

Protecting Your Chickens

Now it’s time to move on and take a look at what you must do in order to keep your chickens protected. Again this is a key element that must be taken care of if you want to keep your chickens for the long term because without protection, there is a very high chance that […] Read more

How To Build A Chicken Coop That Will Last

One problem that many people do run into is that they build their chicken coop and do a decent job at it, but the only problem is that the way they have built it does not stand up over the long run. Gaining a better understanding of the construction process and exactly what’s needed to […] Read more
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