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Chicken Coop Construction Guidelines

Building Your Backyard Chicken Coop Before you begin building a chicken coop, the very first thing to do is survey the area where you plan to put the chicken coop. Decide whether what you plan to build will be portable (movable), semi-permanent or fixed. Regardless of the type of backyard chicken coop you will build […] Read more

Common Chicken Predators

Coyote Coyotes are normally found in North America from Alaska to Mexico and as far as Panama and has adapted to the environmental changes brought about urbanization and human occupation in the rural areas. They are most active at night but in places where their natural habitat is still undisturbed by human settlements and activities, […] Read more

Chicken Care One Year and Beyond

Chickens undergo the most changes in their life during the first year. As adorable little baby chicks covered with fluffy feather, they require continual care and monitoring in preparation for their transition to outdoors coop life. From 3 to 6 weeks old, their fuzzy covering begins to shed as they slowly grow mature feathers making […] Read more

Caring for Grown Chickens

Caring for pet chickens is pretty easy! They have the same needs as most any other pet. In this section we’ll fill you in on daily, monthly, semi-annual and annual chores, as well as other nuances of chicken husbandry. Daily Chores Always keep the feeders filled and the waterers full. Make sure the waterer is […] Read more

Getting Ready for Baby Chicks

Before your baby chicks even arrive home, you have to adequately prepare them for their life outside. Since you only have approximately 4 to 5 weeks to get ready, here is a list of things and supplies you need to buy as soon as you get them in preparation for their move to their chicken […] Read more
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