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Chicken Care One Year and Beyond

Chickens undergo the most changes in their life during the first year. As adorable little baby chicks covered with fluffy feather, they require continual care and monitoring in preparation for their transition to outdoors coop life. From 3 to 6 weeks old, their fuzzy covering begins to shed as they slowly grow mature feathers making […] Read more

Getting Ready for Baby Chicks

Before your baby chicks even arrive home, you have to adequately prepare them for their life outside. Since you only have approximately 4 to 5 weeks to get ready, here is a list of things and supplies you need to buy as soon as you get them in preparation for their move to their chicken […] Read more
baby chicks

Caring for Your Baby Chicks

Baby chicks are just like puppies or kittens, they are simply cute, lovable and very adorable! The initial time spent in bringing up your chicks is time well spent in getting to know them better and will certainly provide you and your family with memorable fun time. During the first 4 weeks, baby chicks require […] Read more

Is Chicken Raising Right for You

Despite the advantages of raising backyard chicken, the practice is still somewhat uncommon. Most people are simply not aware that aside from the healthy eggs and poultry meat chickens can provide their family on a regular basis, chickens are fun pets too that you can cuddle. Here are important considerations that have to be carefully […] Read more

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