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Chicken Coops | Chicken Coop Plans

greenmi.net Building your own Chicken coops has it’s advantages; getting free chicken coop plans is even better! For more info on our chicken coop plans or chicken coops in general, visit the link above or below here::. greenmi.net Keeping chickens is a fantastic way towards not only taking control of your food supply, but also […] Read more
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Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener Project

This is an Arduino (clone) powered automatic chicken coop door opener that has a couple of gravity-actuated latches that should keep out racoons, etc.. Blog-site for this project: slinkyx.blogspot.com Also, great minds think alike: www.fabiens.org Read more
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Chicken Coop

A short video of the new coop I built to house our three new hens. Read more
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2 winter chicken coop / shelters

www.permies.com First, Tereza Fox, of foxbelly farm in Hillsboro, Oregon tells us about a ground level chicken shelter. It’s sorta an earth-berm thing. The idea is that the chickens can stay warmer and, thus, require less winter feed. Next, Marina and Robert of Dell Artimus Farm talk about their year round chicken coop that is […] Read more
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Chicken Coop Plans, Chicken Coops And Designs

Step-By-Step Chicken Coop Building Plans. Learn how to build a chicken coop yourself! www.thechickencoopplans.com If you love chickens and poultry farming and want to build a chicken coop, learn more about chicken coops! Read more
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