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Chicken Coop Construction Guidelines

Building Your Backyard Chicken Coop Before you begin building a chicken coop, the very first thing to do is survey the area where you plan to put the chicken coop. Decide whether what you plan to build will be portable (movable), semi-permanent or fixed. Regardless of the type of backyard chicken coop you will build […] Read more

Chicken Breeds

There are actually hundreds of domesticated chicken breeds all over the world some of which have distinct physical and behavioral characteristics due to cross-breeding and geographical factors. Normally, a breed’s physical traits differentiate it from other chickens such as size, color of plumage, type of comb (style), color of skin color, Read more

Is Chicken Raising Right for You

Despite the advantages of raising backyard chicken, the practice is still somewhat uncommon. Most people are simply not aware that aside from the healthy eggs and poultry meat chickens can provide their family on a regular basis, chickens are fun pets too that you can cuddle. Here are important considerations that have to be carefully […] Read more

Why Raise Chickens

Of all the animals that people can raise as pets, chickens are unique in the sense that they produce something edible compared to other pets like dogs, horses, cats and fish. In fact, raising chickens for pets pay off. in the long run as they are a source of fresh meat and eggs unlike what […] Read more

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