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About the Chicken Coop

The coop was designed and built by Mr. Aaron from wood that was donated by the Wiencek family. It has two floors and a double nest box. Everything in it is removable for easy cleaning. Read more
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Chicken Coop – We just finished the coop and bought 10 hens!

I converted a lean-to (shack) into a chicken coop. The coop is approx 5′ x 9′. I have a book called “back to basics” that we got at a garage sale. It had some guide lines and measurements that I utilized. I used mainly old plywood and wood we had laying around so I didn’t […] Read more
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Building a chicken coop – DIY tutorial

www.ChickenKit.com Building a chicken coop? Discover over 100+ Step-by-Step Printable DIY Plans to Building an Attractive & Affordable Long Lasting Predator-Safe Chicken Coop That Your Chickens Love. Just go to www.ChickenKit.com Read more
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