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Backyard Chicken Coops Reconsidered

NANAIMO – A chorus of clucking chickens might soon begin wafting over the city of Nanaimo. Council is considering a bylaw amendment that would allow people to keep livestock in their backyards. Proponents like Dirk Becker say it’s an environmentally friendly way to produce food for their families. The backyard hens is an indicator of Read more
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How To Build a Chicken Coop Tractor (High Rez)

A Chicken Tractor is a great way to circulate your crops with your livestock when you use raised bed gardening. In this full-length video, Patti will show you step-by-step how to make customized, light weight cages that fit your garden perfectly! Learn more at www.GardenGirlTV.com and www.UrbanSustainableLiving.com. Read more
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Chicken Coop – We just finished the coop and bought 10 hens!

I converted a lean-to (shack) into a chicken coop. The coop is approx 5′ x 9′. I have a book called “back to basics” that we got at a garage sale. It had some guide lines and measurements that I utilized. I used mainly old plywood and wood we had laying around so I didn’t […] Read more
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