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2 winter chicken coop / shelters

www.permies.com First, Tereza Fox, of foxbelly farm in Hillsboro, Oregon tells us about a ground level chicken shelter. It’s sorta an earth-berm thing. The idea is that the chickens can stay warmer and, thus, require less winter feed. Next, Marina and Robert of Dell Artimus Farm talk about their year round chicken coop that is […] Read more
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Urban Backyard Chickens : Building the Chicken Coop – Day 1

♥ MY #1 WORKOUT TIMER & FIT KIT: ‪bexlife.com ✔ EXPLORE: ‪bexlife.com‬ ✔ FOLLOW ‪twitter.com ✔ LIKE: ‪facebook.com ✔ SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com Building the chicken coop with my dad, Gary, and son, Calvin. I got really lucky with this video… first, with one of my dad’s bits of sage advice and second, with a Read more
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Eggs and The Ultimate Chicken Coop

www.imarriedanutritionist.com When I was a kid, I wouldn’t eat eggs for two reasons. They looked gross, and they came from chicken butts, or somewhere down there. When I was a boy scout, I stomached eggs on camp-outs because there was lots of ketchup, and there was nothing else to eat for breakfast. It wasn’t until […] Read more
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Portable Chicken Coop AKA Chicken Tractor, www.FredsFineFowl.com

Portable chicken coops are practical for the small scale poultry/chicken enthusiast. Learn all about incubating, brooding, rearing, feeding, housing and caring for chickens by viewing the DVD titled Regarding Chickens, available online through the nation’s top hatcheries. Read more
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