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Homesteading-Chicken coop and run setup

How I keep my chickens My backyard coop and run setup. I now have 15 chickens and 2 roosters, see the video response to see an updated video of this coop. The one from redneckresponder Read more
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Portable Chicken Coop AKA Chicken Tractor, www.FredsFineFowl.com

Portable chicken coops are practical for the small scale poultry/chicken enthusiast. Learn all about incubating, brooding, rearing, feeding, housing and caring for chickens by viewing the DVD titled Regarding Chickens, available online through the nation’s top hatcheries. Read more
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A Tour of our Chicken Coop & Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

Here’s a tour of my chicken coop and a look at our Automatic Chicken Coop Door. wwwAutomaticChickenCoopDoor.com Read more
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How To Build A Chicken Coop

You can get chicken coop plans here – tad.ly Read more
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