2 winter chicken coop / shelters

www.permies.com First, Tereza Fox, of foxbelly farm in Hillsboro, Oregon tells us about a ground level chicken shelter. It’s sorta an earth-berm thing. The idea is that the chickens can stay warmer and, thus, require less winter feed. Next, Marina and Robert of Dell Artimus Farm talk about their year round chicken coop that is winterized with straw bales. They keep woodchips under the coop and they think the composting heat helps to warm the chickens. Free range pigs visit a lot during the video. Marina and Robert talk a little about how they haven’t had predator problems this year. Relevant threads at permies www.permies.com www.permies.com www.permies.com www.permies.com music by Jimmy Pardo

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  1. @ByNatureFarms I went to their farm because they are active on permies.com. My impression is that they prefer a type of private life (share ideas, but not last names and web sites). Sometimes marina will answer youtube stuff, but she seems to say more at permies.com.

  2. @LivingHistorySchool I think that any farm with a livestock guardian dog does not have that concern.

  3. Great chicken shelter ideas!

  4. @ddAdmire I have a video about Marina’s pig shelter.

  5. @Dat1SantaCruzer when you are done with all of the videos, there are podcasts, articles and forums too.

  6. She cute

  7. Compost is a great source of heat, as long as the composting outpaces the ammonia. Our deep bedding straw system for pigs keeps the barns pretty much toasty warm until the weather dips into the sub zero temps.

  8. that second chick reminds me of the lady from misery lol

  9. Love those pigs! Oh the shelter (the second one) was good too…

  10. Those cutes are so damn cute. They come up to you like dogs ha ha.

  11. A mobile chicken coop, neat.

  12. Cool!!! That would be fun to try!!!

  13. Great job.

  14. nice vid paul

  15. Great vid. Love the professional camera technique of being able to overcome the pig intrusion and still film!!!
    One observation about the composting deep litter idea is to watch out for excessive amoniacal vapour rising from the composting poo - it can lead to eye and respiratory problems in the roosting fowl. Nevertheless great ideas – thanks for sharing.

  16. glockman1727ak47 February 10, 2012 at 9:46 am

    Very cool approach to chickens

  17. RocketCityGardener February 10, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    I DO like this sort of thing!!! 🙂

  18. The Encyclopedia of Country Living has a good section on chickens. Always wanted to see that coup and there it is. Great design.

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  20. looking good love the pig.

  21. Great video. Thank you for doing what you do Paul!

  22. @LivingHistorySchool
    I had no predators for 10 years. All it took was one raccoon and one night to wipe half my flocks out. And mine ARE enclosed in what I thought was varmit proof. I learned a lesson by this and right away made sure even the smallest crack was sealed and tough small gauge heavy wire on the runs.

  23. LivingHistorySchool February 28, 2012 at 3:37 am

    @paulwheaton12 Coyotes are smarter than your guard dog…I think that should be a bumper sticker

  24. No bra…sweet.

  25. curiosidadesextrano March 2, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    I like the idea of the bales but not so much on them breathing in their poop for the whole winter…I’m guessing though little poop maybe not so bad.

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