Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener Project

This is an Arduino (clone) powered automatic chicken coop door opener that has a couple of gravity-actuated latches that should keep out racoons, etc.. Blog-site for this project: Also, great minds think alike:

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25 Responses to “Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener Project”

  1. @clintfisher Sorry, being overly critical, and rattling your cage was not my intention. Now that you’ve pointed out that your goal was to be Rube Goldbergish,´╗┐ I can fully grasp your method. ­čśë

  2. @edvais: No worries at all – we had also considered a garage door opener at´╗┐ one point in time too, along with a whole host of other options. The built-in remote with the garage-door opener is definitely a strong point. No matter which way you go, may the bock be with you!

  3. People who say this is overly complicated have never met a raccoon. Well done. Will you run your coop ventilation louvers off of the same Arduino? You mentioned temperature in the video, that would be a neat´╗┐ subroutine….

  4. Where is the chicken?´╗┐

  5. acousticpunknz May 5, 2010 at 11:57 pm

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    Just click on my username and your life will be that much better for doing so!

  6. In your opinion are you a slight inventer? I was also wondering where you got the experience and knowledge to do this? Did you just pick it up or just an extra benefit´╗┐ from your college major?

  7. Better hope it wont get wet and´╗┐ swell in the tack.

  8. Clever´╗┐ mechanism ­čÖé

  9. @akwila3737 thanks, that’s a very valid concern – especially here in the great Northwest. I’ll be sealing it and finishing it with´╗┐ killz paint before the final install.

  10. @socrkool21 – I love to invent things. As for idea sources, it has been said: “necessity is the mother of invention”. As for my background, I started studying computer hardware when I was in elementary school (in the early ’70’s no-less), and software in the late 70’s onward. As such, I have a pretty good low-level understanding of how things work. I’ve continued my fascination into college and the many years since.
    The biggest driving force? Curiosity.
    Best of luck to´╗┐ you!

  11. @emailharold – thanks! I don’t think we’re going to need vent louvers where we live and the way the coop is set up. Due to the number of control lines the motor driver requires (it’s really low-level), there aren’t enough pins in the Arduino. I’d probably go with a simpler setup that could be driven´╗┐ by the wi-fi Arduino (the BlackWidow 1.0). The BlackWidow board will be the “master controller” for the coop as a whole, where the other Arduino (seeeduino) is just for the door.

  12. flashlightbug May 20, 2010 at 1:47 am

    Nice work´╗┐ on that door! So cool.

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  15. You need to find a female that would tolerate´╗┐ your limited humor, and nerdism/ geeksquad wanna-be. How about spendind as much time figuring out how to get laid, vs filming your chickens get laid.

  16. that door it’s very´╗┐ nice……i like it

  17. Cracks me up. That’s´╗┐ GREAT

  18. Your door latch mechanism is Sweet !! Very creative… Thumbs uP if you´╗┐ agree!

  19. @coopofhazzard´╗┐ Why? is getting Laid important? Can you afford unplanned children? What happens if she refuses to have an abortion?

  20. Now that’s cool´╗┐

  21. Very nice´╗┐ man

  22. Love this. Am working on similar design using a hospital bed motor. 1/8 HP and 75 rpm. 2 inch pulley gives it about a 2 sec opening time. The problem I’m having is that the motor bleeds down due to the weight of the door. Can use counter weight´╗┐ but prefer not to. Any ingenious ideas on a camlock style design to hold the door open and release upon close cycle? Love what you did! Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. So with a´╗┐ click on the mouse it opens?

  24. That is awesome. I would recommend 3M 4200 glue over shoe goo. 4200 is a´╗┐ marine grade that will seal and hold like nothing I have seen before.

  25. Kudos for going all out. I was browsing for´╗┐ some ideas before I started my project and came upon your vid. Always great to see someone go above and beyond.

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