build a basic low cost chicken coop by sj ranch

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  1. @yourgonnadieclowns
    Yes 2x4s 4x4s and pallet slats for the bottom and plywood

  2. yourgonnadieclowns January 1, 1970 at 12:00 am

    what wood did you use? are those 2x4s???

  3. @GuillowsFAN
    A white egg is just as natural as a brown egg. Its the breed that changes the color. Some lay white, some brown, some spotted, some bluish green. A white egg is just as natural as a brown.

  4. @AiritonColton11
    I have been eating the eggs for years and years . They are perfectly fine to eat but I guess that would be a personal choice people would have to make for themselves.

  5. AiritonColton11 January 1, 1970 at 12:00 am

    i see you have a rooster with the hens but yet you say you eat the eggs. I thought if they where fertilized you don’t eat them

  6. @GuillowsFAN What about Americaunas and Americauna cross breeds that lay blue and green eggs? 😀

  7. @jklaesen
    Hello, The deminsions are 3ft deep 6ft wide and 4 ft tall, I only keep six hens in mine. For 25 you would need something bigger, My daughter is in 4-H as well it is a great organization. As for not much to spend my coop was built out of recycled wood no cost. you could always check craigs list or freecycle to find some cheap or free building materials use what you have !!!

  8. My son is getting 25 chickens from the TN 4-H chick chain. Do you think this is plenty of room for 25 chickens? I don’t have much to spend, so I cant go all out and this looks pretty simple!! Thanks

    also, what are your deminsions?

  9. i will get my chicks from TSC (tracktor supply co)i like rhode island reds because
    thay lay brown eggs. why? because i had always eaten white eggs and i think that white in my mind is not natural.brown is a natural color which makes the eggs seem more natural.

  10. @GuillowsFAN
    you cant go wrong with the rhode island reds great egg layers !!!

  11. GERAT CHICKEN COOP!!!!!! i am going to get some rhode island reds this year! i have never had chickens before so this will be my first time!!

  12. I’m getting 3 Chinese silkies in the summer!:)

  13. Nice coop and effects.

  14. I have read that the light brahmas are very good egg layers!! With 15 of them you will have plenty of eggs to eat-give away or sell.

  15. im fixing to get 15 Light Brahma hens

  16. morningdove3202 January 1, 1970 at 12:00 am

    roosters also protect the hens….

  17. I am fixin to buy some rhode island reds and i needed to build a coop. Thanks, great website.

  18. how many chicken could this hold

  19. cool coop

  20. nice coop!

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