cheap solar tube for chicken coop

Just slightly improved an existing idea that uses plastic soda bottles as a skylight. Easy project for a shed or coop.

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  1. @86mustang07 – I had a bottle laying around, I didn’t have an extra window laying around.

  2. @Iseekoutthetruth  – I had a bottle laying around, I didn’t have a sky light laying around.

  3. @GOP4USA  – cheap plastic, bought it used off craigslist.

  4. @binashraf – a window is great – if you have a window. I had a bottle.

  5. @danielmartinex – UV will break down the lid over time, when that happens I will stick in another bottle or just a new cap.

  6. it is amazing but it is soler powerd no light at night

  7. Iseekoutthetruth November 9, 2011 at 1:58 am

    @RedeemingDogs a old window. or piece of plexi glass would be alot better in letting in more light is all i am saying.

  8. That’s pretty cool! I’d like to use a glass bottle, just to prevent the sun from eventually ruining the plastic.

    I’m sure that would work on a chicken sedan, as they do on your coup, though would probably need more of them… 🙂

  9. If it freezes it goes boom!!!

  10. @NoItOmE87 – that is sort of true. If they freeze (which one has before) they split, and have to be replaced with another free bottle. Takes about 45 seconds to do. Since they are in a chicken coop it doesn’t matter if they leak until I notice they are split.

  11. One person does not want to save money. ;).

  12. You could turn the bottle upside down and solve the UV problem on the cap, mix it with a whole bottle of isopropyl alcohol and that solves algae and freezing issues. OR
    you could just put in a window. People leave them at the curb a lot.

  13. @RedeemingDogs Add about a tablespoon of salt. No more freezing problems, easy peasy. 🙂

  14. @binashraf A window lets light in from one direction – a hole/window would just cast a circle of light on the ground. The water in the bottle refracts the light in all directions like a light bulb – lighting up the entire room.

  15. How about salt .. saturated salt.. solution . no freezing and no algae??

  16. Thank you.. I love YouTube

  17. EcoEarthCandles January 22, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    @RedeemingDogs You know, we use a mixture of water and vinagar to spray on our windows to keep them from freezing. I wonder if a strong mixture of white distilled vinagar in the bottle mixed with water would prevent it from freezing and cracking? or perhaps there is another non-toxic liquid that can be used to do the same that is safe around the chickens in the event it does freeze and cracks. Just a thought?

  18. If you just add some moonshine to that bottle instead of bleach you can help to keep it from frezin’,,, Just sayin…..

  19. @RedeemingDogs just leave it open with no cap, then it won’t split when frozen

  20. @ RedeemingDogs my msg. is to long so I have to break it into 2 comments/1 of 2. Great vid & idea! I’m sorry people don’t get the concept of why a solo-tube/soda-bottle like yours is better than a window/skylight. It’s b/c it gathers sun-rays from 180 degrees+-,no matter where the sun is it will gather bright light due to it sticking out above the roof/& the dome shape which gathers-in light that a flat panel never could.

  21. 2of2, i am curious what would happen if u tried it upside down? I’d Use 70%+ rubbing alcohol or vodka,etc. then its clear,wont freeze & cap isn’t exposed. 4 anyone who cares u don’t have 2 pay $250-$500 for a solo-tube brand & can buy them on ebay w/everything u need 2 install in a house for $50-80 US depending on size.5″ model brings in 500 lumens+-/.The foil acts like reflective prisms in binocs/Para-scopes enabling it 2 gather& bring-in as much light possible.
    Keep up the great vids!

  22. N I C E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. very cool..

  24. @RedeemingDogs true, but i couldn’t stop laughing for ages. great comment

  25. if the water is colored…like a orange juice….the l;ight would be orange too?

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