DIY Chicken Coop How to build a Breeder Coop

see more at: Rick builds a chicken coop for our breeder pens. see this how to video

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25 Responses to “DIY Chicken Coop How to build a Breeder Coop”

  1. arkansastrash320 April 11, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Nice job on the chicken Coop. That roof being a tin roof won’t that be extra hot in the summer?If you paint the roof a white or something it would not get as hot and in the winter paint it black LOL so it would absorb the sun hehe .Just a thought.

  2. So Rick, are you an Exotic Chicken breeder? What is your plan?

  3. pretty simple…sell as many as I can hatch!

  4. Nice! Any reason you did not use wire floor? Does it have something to do with egg production?

  5. FarmerGrant011 April 12, 2011 at 1:57 am

    to be honest, it looks more like a rabbit hutch, but i think it is a great idea for breeding! Your going to hate scraping out the poop from the wood…

  6. Great team work.. I bet that pen was heavy Lol. One question why the solid bottoms? Great video keep them coming…

  7. Nice…I love your videos..very inspiring!!

  8. Thanks! I try!

  9. I wish I had a big lot, I would do the same things you do bro

  10. Thanks for the comment!

  11. Rick you got a hater out there using the “thumbs down” on you. Nice job on the coop. The stoner chickens are way cool. I need some of those!

  12. Oh well, can’t win em all ! Thanks! I love the stoner chickens…some people cal them pom pom heads! They are cool to have anyway..They are really easy to catch…they can’t see you when you sneak up on them!

  13. timbeverly192617 April 17, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    Nive and easy design…..

  14. I tried to make it simple! thanks

  15. Looks good Rick!! My Wifes got a up coming chicken coop rabbit hutch projects…Me i’ll stick to my solar projects lol


  16. Thats cool! I just build what I am told

  17. @seankingston500 well I have had wire floor coops and my birds couldn’t wait for me to let them out every time I got home from work….them i realized their feet probly hurt…so if your coop is wire floor…. just put cardboard or thin plywood in their for them and they love it!…its just as hard to clean the wire…..the poop doesn’t always go thru the wire all the time….plus its colder in the winter …with all the air.

  18. where did you get that level?

  19. I got at lowes.

  20. hey guys if you want know how to build chicken coop step by step
    pls visit

  21. where can i order chicks like cheap im looking for silkies rode island bantams and barred rock bantams?

  22. well, I like Mcmurry hatchery. I had 30 silkies at one time a couple months ago.They are
    the nicest birds. I still have my breeding stock.

  23. Love them pens

  24. It was work …but glad they are there!

  25. Wire floors are FINE ass holes. Chickens aren’t meant to stay in their cages their whole life. you have to let them out!! They can survive standing on wire for a few hours a day.

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